About Twyla Gray

Twyla Gray,
A Mortgage Loan Originator at NEXA Mortgage, LLC that is known for her dedication to service.

She strives at all times to exceed her clients’ expectations, keeping them apprised of the steps that she is taking on their behalf throughout the mortgage and lending process. Time and again, she has proven herself capable of driving results for her clients, standing up for their best interests and representing them effectively.

She is a professional whose passion for her work is undeniable, every day she shows up enthusiastic and energized. A Florida Native, Twyla has lived in Atlanta, Georgia for more than twenty years. In that time, she has come to think of Georgia as her second home. She holds her broker license in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama and Missouri.

Twyla is a Disabled Veteran of the US Army, serving for seven years. In the military, she learned discipline and habits that have helped her to blossom into the effective professional that she is. Her reliability and her gumption are both principles that she picked up and sharpened during her Army service, empowering her to set herself apart from her competition.

She views herself as a one-stop shop for her clients, taking care of all their needs, from credit checks to personal support. Her experience and her insight are formidable, she collaborates with Credit Repair Specialists, Tax Specialists, Builder Partners, Realtor partners, and CRM Support Staff.

If you are looking to make a change in your life and achieve home ownership once and for all, Twyla can help you.

She specializes in assistance programs :
✅ Down to 580 credit scores
✅ One-time-close construction to permanent loans
✅ First-time home buying situations
✅ 12- and 24-month bank statement programs
✅ Down Payment Assistance Programs
✅ FHA and conventional refinancing options
✅ 100% VA financing
✅ 203K FHA rehab loans,
✅ Foreign investor loans
✅ Jumbo loans.

The breadth of her skills means that whatever your questions may be, she will have answers.

7 minutes can save 7 years

Twyla Gray
Mortgage Loan Originator